🐃African Buffalo Wild Bull VS Hungry Lion Simulator-By Clans

♥ Android Game:
♥ About This Game:Take Control of this Angry Buffalo ,Angry bull and Cow in the Savannah jungle from Africa.Live the beautiful wild life of angry animals like buffalo bull and protect your family and mate in this Buffalo Wild Bull Simulator.Trample the whole desert and attack animals like lions, crocodiles, hyenas in safari to survive.Fight for your freedom furiously with other African animals and feel the thrill of being a powerful beast!Eat tasty grass ,build your clan as angry bull in jungle.Create chaos, destruction and damage as possible to achieve the ultimate goal.

Explore the fantastic hot environment of Africa being a mighty buffalo bull! It’s time for angry bull attack to run around the desert creating mayhem.Watch your beautifully twisted horns from the outside ,Survive as long as possible by knocking down evil aliens and animals that gets in your way and eating everything you can find.Play as crazy bull and attack torero matador for survival of your life.In the latest angry buffalo wild bull simulator, be a ferocious angry bull who is attacking and smashing African lion, wild cheetah, wolves of the desert as you feel the ecstasy of being a powerful beast.

Search for food, make friend with other bulls or fight with them. Protect yourself from cruel predators, they’re willing to kill you .Find your bull mate, lead them to your lair and create little bulls to continue your buffalo clan!Dodge while fighting with angry animals.You’ll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy if you’re going to survive in the wilderness.It’s time for the forest animals to save themselves from this angry bull and wild buffalo attack in one of the wildest angry bull simulator games.Kill wolf,zebra,stag,bear,fox with furious attack.

Buffalo Wild Bull Simulator Features:
• Multiple action packed missions
• Play with angry bull, wild buffalo or Cow
• Fight with different jungle animals
• Beautiful Desert Environment
• Town area with no shortage of preys
• Realistic bulls animations

Bullfighting against predators, show your rage and anger, hit them break their bones with your special rage attack.Keep running and hit everything around you in BUFFALO WILD BULL SIMULATION, the newest free city bull now in jungle attack game on play store!There are many other simulator and simulation bull games as well like rhino, horse, goat, tiger, elephant and many others but this one of Buffalo angry bull wild attack simulator is very interesting and exciting.Enjoy the life of this majestic creature and Take a control of a very stupid bull in this #1 action packed 3D animal adventure.It’s demolition time!

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