#1 Whatsapp group game that you can play withyour family during lockdown [whatsapp group games idea]

Hey guys!!!

Game kesa lga ….I hope you will really enjoy.

Few pointers.
1. Kindly use one phone per team to send the pictures. One picture per round per team will be accepted which means all the items should be in one picture in every round.
2. Make sure that ur phone has charge and data connectivity. Because you want to send your pictures fast. 🕺🏼
3. All the items should be clearly visible.
4. In terms of marking both items and time will be taken into account. Each item carries one point. In case of tie breaker time tapped will be the deciding factor.
5. Each picture has bonus color in it. Kindly ignore them. They are not taken into consideration.

7. There will be one minute interval between each round.
8. Organiser decision will be final.
Any other doubts please let me know.
Wish all the team very best and happy Hunting.

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