£100 SPINS!!! 20p Roulette

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A great session on the popular 20p Roulette in William Hill, playing the maximum of £100 per spin. If you do fancy playing on this stake, or any stake for that matter, bare in mind your money can go down very fast.
I hit some good numbers and collected while I was ahead.

The bonus video was for Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, a very old game on the back screens of the William Hill (and possibly Betfred) fixed odds betting terminals. It tells you the odds of winning the first hand, which is pretty handy if you fancy taking your poker game to real tables.

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43 thoughts on “£100 SPINS!!! 20p Roulette

  1. Gonna collect all tickets (on a certain amount) 1st win….. not collecting that! What an absolute joke of a man! Degenerate f**k!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Why put £1.20 on a number but have 100£ stakes then moan cos it’s a crap number??

  3. witnessed bet place on lucky 8 roulette numbers covered

    46,47 lucky, and number 49 the bet was a £10.00 stake the ball only spun 6

    times on these numbers covered when the bet was changed to number 1 on the

    roulette guess what number came out after it was changed number 46 this is not

    fair game play in my view and apparently these machines are rigged by teasing

    you its bias crooked and unfair roll on the £2.00 stake in April apparently in

    my view the bookmakers are just thieving from the public lets make sure we can

    get advertising and online regulated or

    limited or best even banned through the way these companies operate with TV advertising

    some one gave me this in my campaign against FOBTS I have evidence of people with Ladbrokes

    stating they are not concerned about this. The real problem is online also.

    Where they can spend thousands in seconds. I am in talks with ministers and mps

    regarding a radical change. I am in talks with the UKGC also regarding Ladbrokes.

    I am in possession of NDAS from the GVC brand and also the threats they have.

    I also have someone senior in Ladbrokes willing to speak up regarding the

    casino. He states they have evidence of losing accounts. They have people that

    know you will lose money. My advise avoid gambling especially Ladbrokes

  4. Fun session. Nice hit on 18. However at £100 spins, the house has about a £3 edge per spin. 60 spins an hour (modest) is an average loss of £180 an hour over a long enough period of time. Keep it fun kids!

  5. Get your action in before the 2 pound max hits, guys.

    Good fold. Always fold Deuce Seven offsuit. Low cards with no straight or flush draw. Worst possible hand in Hold’em.

  6. Himalayars game up here in Newcastle its new game in coral and Ladbrokes the thunder shakes the screen then wilds come spreading on screen its hard to get bonus though.

  7. £100 a spin… SOON TO BE A THING OF THE PAST.
    Save this type of gambling for REAL casino's ..This type of gambling has NO PLACE on our high street.
    Soon to be slashed to just £2 a spin… Good thing I say.

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