Anti Air Fighter Jet Attack

A real gunship combat has begun! Enemy air force is invading your territory. Take control of the Anti-aircraft gun and perform your duty as a military defense commando. Shoot the opponents plane fighters to stop the air attack. Enjoy furious 3D action, attack rival fighter jets and destroy the combat helicopters with your anti aircraft gun.

The enemies are invading your military warehouse base. Show some real defense commando skills in Anti Air Fighter Jet Attack game with counter airstrike missions. You got heavy anti aircraft Gatling gun, tanks and war machine in the arsenal. Target enemies fighter jets and combat helicopters for survival in this furious anti-aircraft fight. Rival jets will keep attacking and destroying your army vehicles, tanks and hummers. In the desert war zone of air combat mission, be the hero fighter to defend army. Take out anti airstrike gun to crash enemy fighter planes in your territory sky. Multiple combat missions are designed in this action packed 3D game. Serve your duty as military defense force commando and defend your nation territory from enemies invading your defense zone.


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