Arriving In South Dakota | Game Lodge Campground, Custer State Park

We finally made it! We are officially in South Dakota, camping in Custer State Park at Game Lodge Campground. Traveling from Florida to South Dakota amid the Coronavirus pandemic was relatively smooth. We did not have any issues traveling through states with stay at home orders in place nor did we get kicked out of any campgrounds. Now that we are at our summer location, we can slow down and relax a bit. Our workamping job is scheduled to start on time at the beginning of May and we will be documenting my workamping experience along the way. We look forward to spending the next 5 months in the Black Hills area. It has been absolutely awesome so far and we have only been here a few days!


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5 thoughts on “Arriving In South Dakota | Game Lodge Campground, Custer State Park

  1. We absolutely loved our trip to SD and the Badlands. Can't wait to go back. Thanks for bringing back good memories! 😀Weather looks beautiful – better than a snowstorm! 😀Lucky Dylan has a beautiful view! Thanks for taking us back! 😀

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