Board Game Breakfast: Episode 61 – The Success of Stupidity

Tom Vasel takes a look at the news for a week, joined by a host of friends!

Show Notes:
0:23 – Intro
1:03 – Board Game News
3:31 – Kickstarter News – with Boardgame Brawl
6:43 – What’s on the Shelf?
8:45 – Snakes and Lattes
10:59 – Dice Dice Baby
12:30 – Board game Apps – with Suzanne
14:47 – Dice Tower Productions
16:03 – Head in the Clouds – with Chaz Marler
19:09 – The Discriminating Gamer
20:56 – Tom Thinks
26:25 – Component Moment – with Iain James
27:49 – Whitleypedia
29:59 – Closing Thoughts

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40 thoughts on “Board Game Breakfast: Episode 61 – The Success of Stupidity

  1. 1.5 years later my family and others still enjoy playing Exploding Kittens. It is simple, has quite a bit of luck, but is better than most mass market games. It has helped people get into the hobby. I think it has been positive.

  2. Discriminating Gamer, I think the most stressful games I play are Nothing Personal (b/c of how many choices one has), Master Labrynth (for the same reason, although these could be b/c of Analysis Paralysis), & Pandemic/ Forbidden Island/ Kings of Israel.

  3. @PairOfDice Paradise I'm a newer boardgamer. Been into the hobby a couple yrs now. I own about 28 games, & 3 are currently unplayed (about 11%). This is because I like to play my friends games I don't own & haven't played when I can. Also having limited funds & mainly getting new games only for birthdays/Christmas helps.

  4. The most Stressful game that I've played is being a human in "Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space".  Hidden roles, hidden movement, gotta get the BLEEP off that ship!!  That game consistently gets me amped up… and we've had a lot of fun generating out own maps with the online map editor.

  5. don't mind the pouring of milk on game pieces, but the splashing of the milk on that beautiful table makes me cringe… 

  6. I am so disappointed that you missed my favourite newcomer on Kickstarter from the overview: Last Starfleet. I played with the print and play version and it is an amazing (and very challenging) co-op game. It is already funded and really worth checking out:

  7. You probably should have put a spoiler warning about Gone Girl a bit earlier on the screen.  That seriously sucked.  It is on my watch list for this weekend or next.

  8. For me, the most stressful are timed real time games like ESCAPE: CURSE OF THE TEMPLE. I end up huffing and puffing and sweating it out in the longest 10 minutes of board game time. Great fun though, but I can only get 2 plays in every given session due to the stress!

  9. Temple of Elemental is one of those early AD&D adventure modules..very nice to see they are bringing it back in a boardgame format.

  10. @ Mr Tassie, if there was a gaming cafe near me, I'd go. And most of my friends would too. Also, there is a chance that you will meet someone there who WILL play "Robot Master" with me 😀

  11. Cody, I loved playing Jack the Ripper in Letter from Whitechapel! My sister bought the game for me this past Christmas. I wasn't initially excited about it, but managed to get it to the table quickly. I agree — it was a rush! But I was fortunate, and convinced the detectives they were hot on my trail when, in fact, they were nowhere near me. The first night, though, was extremely stressful. Love your segments.

  12. I will agree Letters from Whitechapel is super stressful, next up would be Eldritch Horror when you're in the last couple rounds or Pandemic when you see that the deck is half way gone.. Stress.

  13. So a stressful game for me would certainly be Pandemic. I think a lot of that comes from the fact that countless times the game leaves you feeling like you're in the clear and moments from victory only to have victory snatched away by back to back outbreaks… And I could not agree more with Tom. LCR is mind numbingly bad, made worse by the fact that I've been giving it as a gift at least twice by people who swore it was the best party game ever! Complete garbage.

  14. One of the best Iain reviews. He was really excited.
    Your right tom, I looked at the Exploding kittens kickstarter and did not see anything I wanted to back. It will pass in time. Maybe there are a lot of people buying multiple sets to sell them for high prices on Ebay later on. Take advantage of it's popularity. I don't know anything about the web cartoon. Oh well. Great breakfast episode. Always makes my day happy after a long day of putting up gutters.

  15. LOL. That little kid is cute. Usually stuff like that is annoying but this kid owns it. Great show, as usual.

  16. Game made into a movie = labyrinth. Even if you discount the game, a maze is an ancient game. Also amazing movie!

  17. Hi Nick! Why wont you even mention Tiny Epic Galaxies…? Any personal grduges? Why yes to the other one…?

  18. @DiceTower Showdown Thanks for the reality-check decoupling mass success with quality. The MC Donald Burger shows: has nothing much to do with it. Two separate things. Can match, can be totally different.

    This relativizes some of the top BGG titles as well 😛

  19. @PairOfDice Paradise … oh man… I can nothing but see you purchasing SWIA… today I bought Twilight Struggle for 45 Eur and Twilight Imperium 3rd + 2 Expansions for like 142 Eur (new, incl shipping and tax).

  20. really misses at Kickstarter news!

  21. Temple of elemental evil – one of the ultimate classic adventure modules for D&D. Great to see it in yet another version.

  22. Kudos for Chaz miming the poll results in the background.

    … and I wholly agree with the segment. Well done!

  23. Chaz Marler's section on "why we buy games" was phenomenal psychological insight and very well articulated.

    To the question of the most stressful game I play, I would have to say Mage Wars – my cousin and I take it very seriously, and yet have to read the the cards each time (we play infrequently) and figure out the best moves on the board which makes the game take a while.    

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