BUNNY Girl Cafe, Oh My! | Carrot Cafe (Demo)

Wow, I get to manage a cafe with cute waitresses dressed as bunny girls. But oh boy a surpise awaited me towards the end. Kind of misunderstood the meaning of the rating to be honest hehehe.

**NOTE: Not sure what age of my audience is, and decided to not provide link to game as those who are of right age should play it**

COA Discord (I’m co-director of it):
Queen’s Discord:

Collaboration Squad:
1. Relle:
2. Left4Cake:
3. thewayoftheegde:
4. So-Pro Warrior:

COA Minecraft:


Nekopara Volume 3:

Joy of Creation: Story Mode:

All music used found in incompetech:

Nguồn: https://archipaedia.net/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://archipaedia.net/game/

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