Duck Game – #50 – Alien vs The Double Duck

More Duck Game! Who will win? An Alien duck or a… double duck?
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36 thoughts on “Duck Game – #50 – Alien vs The Double Duck

  1. The ending was what happens when rik price and jas perfectly match power all at the same time and merge to become O N E

  2. 5:42 whelp, there goes my cereal… gotta stop watching y’all while eating cause my food becomes a casualty 😂

  3. Hey there Stumpt I got map for you called “Alot Death Laser Gun (Solo)” it basically use a non modded gun that guys never seen Before Call Death Laser which have very unique property to it and also have 2v2 map as well also when guys did vortex thing it was because Price and Jaz grab rik at 15:21 causing game glitch out.

  4. Has anyone noticed they’ve been using the old logo in the intro but they still have there channel icon as the new one? Just an observation

  5. Me: yup just a regular round of duck game, price wins.
    Jas: sees physics im about to end this mans whole career

  6. They finally found the flying dead body glitch! It happens when two people grab the same dead player/ragdolled player, and the physics engine just says fuck it and takes a coffee break

  7. Have you guys thought about making an entire episode of trying new weapons(from red question mark boxes)? If not I feel like it would be a cool idea

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