Fart Game – Baby Farts And Laugh – Funny Game For Kids

Fart Game – Baby Farts And Laugh – Farting To Others – Funny Game For Kids

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Yuck! What’s that smell? It’s a sewer! It’s a porta potty! No – it’s Smelly Baby! Learn how to take care of your very own baby! Too bad he’s stinky! Put your thinking cap on while having fun – you decide what to do to get him to fart or not!

Smelly Baby is here, and he’s going to stink up the place! There are no ifs or ands about it… but there are butts (and they’re extra smelly)! See how Smelly Baby’s farts affect his surroundings, causing funny, crazy things to happen! Learn how to assemble things yourself and be a puzzle expert!

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