Hay Day Game – How to Restore the Previous Farm from the Cloud

In this video tutorial, I will show you, how you can restore your previous farm from the cloud. In addition, I will show you some basic farm activities and accept some of the friend’s requests. You can find my farm layout and my tag, if you want to be my friend then send me a request or follow up my farm. Hope you like this video as well, please hit like and subscribe for more videos. Thanks

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11 thoughts on “Hay Day Game – How to Restore the Previous Farm from the Cloud

  1. My issue is different from this but I decided to download hay day on my phone and put my other hay day account that’s on my iPad on my phone but me and my sister shared the same Game Center account but different farms and when on my phone it shows “in the cloud” but it’s my sisters farm but I want my farm. Do u know how to fix this??🥺🥺

  2. I changed phone and I download it again I couldn't log in to my Facebook account when I tried to connect it came out.Can u tell me how to fix it?

  3. I accidently deleted my farm when I uninstalled and reinstalled. I have been getting the run around for over 2 weeks. I am level167. I have provided all the info they asked me for, said they found my farm, but have to verify its mine and so I did and now I still don't have it.

  4. i got a new phone and now my farm is gone
    idk what happened
    when i hit that i had a farm already it does nothing
    i’m very mad about this i was level 48

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