How to paint a video game controller

In this video I am going to show you a step by step tutorial on how to paint a video game controller. This method will work with any controller from the nes days, until now. I will be using a Wii U Pro Controller as an example in this video.
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The same instructions below will work with controller shells, buttons, triggers, and d-pads.

Basic Instructions:
– Take controller apart
– Clean and wash everything that is being painted before and after sanding.
-Sand with 600 Grit Sand Paper
-Add two coats of color(with primer) a few minutes apart. Dry for 48 hours or more.
-Optional. Add decal between 1st and 2nd clear coat.
-Add two to three coats of clear coat. Wait 2-30 days to fully cure.
– Reassemble controller

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