How to use game genie on retron 5

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11 thoughts on “How to use game genie on retron 5

  1. thank you. just received the retron 5, really wanted to utilize the game genie since my snes genie is problematic. this helped…even after 6 years!!!

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  3. game genie inbuildt on sd card solution. easier to get arond with. but still PAL games has not so many. that was the reason i bought retron 5. gg classic din never arrive to my contry. or i have been slepping in class all over again. GET PAL GAME GENIE TO europe then ill be happy too.

  4. i was playing pokemon Emerald, it loaded the cheats on the retron, but they never activated in game. I've tried various cheats and they all don't work. any ideas?

  5. I did everything in this video and when i put the sd card into the retron 5 and click on cheats, it just says  that it can't find the cheat file for that system (for whatever game is inserted) so can you help me i don't know why it won't work and also I'm so bad at mortal kombat 3 so i really need the cheats

  6. I just bought a Retron 5 brand new with version 2.2 firmware……my Retron 5 won't recognize my cheat files on my SD card for some reason… keeps saying they're not on there when in fact they are….what am I doing wrong??? Is it necessary to "eject" the SD card or can I just pull it out of my card reader??…does that somehow corrupt the file where it won't be readable???
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Great video! very helpful I was curious about the built in game genie feature. I have since added the files to my Retron 5 and they work well. Also, that sms xml file is likely used for Sega Master System games. 🙂

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