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A playthrough of Nintendo’s 1992 platformer for the Nintendo Game Boy, Kirby’s Dream Land.

Kirby’s Dream Land was the first time we ever got introduced us to Kirby, and stands as an excellent first title in one of what has become one of Nintendo’s prime franchises, as well as one of developer Hal’s enduring hallmarks (even if it’s just one among many amazing games they produced, including the Mother and Smash Bros. games).

Things have changed a lot for the pink puff in the past twenty-five years. He was just as cute and cheery then as he is now, but in the original adventure he hadn’t yet gained his ability to take on powers by eating his enemies. He flies, he inhales, and he eats, but except for a few predetermined moments, those are the only means of protecting himself that he has.

It definitely makes for a simpler game, but not a worse one. The levels are varied and extremely well detailed. This was seriously of higher quality than most NES platformers for its presentation! The music is great, and though the game is short and easy, there is a hard mode included. Still, that didn’t stop me from beating the game within a couples of hours of playing for the first time, but I loved it nonetheless. The mechanics are spot on, it’s never frustrating, and it’s generally just plain old fun. Nothing wrong with that!

I think that this one is still my favorite of the entire series.

And the shout-out to the Lolo games on the second stage – super sweet.

Recorded using the Retroarch DMG shader for that classic Game Boy look!

If you’re interested in seeing the colorized “DX” version, you can see that one here:
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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