Mario Paint on SNES (For Nintendo Wii U Hopefully)

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I just received my copy of Mario Paint, a game or KILLER APP that is for the Super Nintendo. It is GREAT! This came BEFORE MS Paint on the PC and you can see WHY it was so popular.

Do you think Nintendo should port it over to the DS and Wii or just make an New and Upgraded version? Wii Draw is neat, but just look at what the SNES could do back in 1992.

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Yep, if you check my channel, I’ve been asking casually now that more people are aware, hopefully together, we will get Mario Paint U for Wii and 3DS. With a pre-order bonus while we wait of an Updated Mario Paint for Wii U and 3DS.

But also in my thoughts…

Mario Paint U would EASILY start a frenzy, easily be picked up by gamers and schools for art and creativity. Easily pump three years minimum into the Wii U. Nintendo needs to get off their arrogant horse i.e. making FPS games on a family game setting console. And then staying “We don’t play XBOX.”

Wait, land of the samurai… “To know victory is to know thine enemy. The best path to said victory is to avoid war and everyone is content and satisfied.”

Mario Paint is not a game you just play and put down. With today’s tech, exporting to YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc, Mario Paint U could turn into its own full blown IP of major proportions.

Not to sound rude, but Mario Maker should be an paid or free ADD-ON to Mario Paint U, just to wet gamer’s appetites.

Now think other ADD-ONs…

Zelda Maker
Metroid Maker
Mario Kart Maker

Think of those as ‘engines’. Sold for no more than $15. But here is the profit part for Nintendo and pals (licensed packets, Capcom, Konami, Sega, Bandai, Namco, etc,) the bread and butter for gamers…

Themed DLC Sprites and Music Packets. You get mini packets and full packets. Mini Packets have up to 10 pieces and would range between $5 to $10. Full Packets would of course be FULL GAME pieces, sprites and music.

You DON’T have to buy them. You can design just about everything in the Maker in Mario Paint U and import it. But truth, many gamers are bad at art and design such as sprites. Save time, but the DLC Packets and make a new Metroid or Zelda or whatever.

Games created with DLC content can then be shared. Can you see Speed Runs Take on a new personality. I can ‘Super Meathead Mario Bros’ based off Super Meatboy with hard levels.

Or a Zelda game to save her sister, aunt, dog or buy her dress from a super hidden secret lair from an awful Luigi Boss.

Remember, you have control of size, colors and placement. Heck, just for weirdness, the ability to play music backwards or even add in a few seconds of your voice. Instead of “It’s me, Mario.” a shared game by Kotaku would say “It’s us, Kotaku!”, etc.

DLC packets can’t be shared in full. Demos of packets would be available to make a game, but you can’t share nor save your progress. But you CAN imprint a level and restore it once you purchase the packet in use.

So, you can actually get a feel before buying.

And keep in mind, this is just ONE section of Mario Paint U.
– Painting
– Drawing
– Music Making
– Animation

Those would be the spectrum draws for interest leading to sales.

If I’d go out on a limb, I’d suggest Nintendo talk to Wacom and get support, not another Wii U Accessory, but actual Wacom Tablet Support.

‘Hello real-world application.’

Mario Paint U (since Zelda U is taking) FOREVER!!!

Art Academy won’t have a chance. Pfffft! Bring cake!


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25 thoughts on “Mario Paint on SNES (For Nintendo Wii U Hopefully)

  1. If Mario Paint is released for Wii U, it should use the Wii U Gamepad's touchscreen or even support a physical mouse.

  2. sadly Nintendo went "it seems people would love mario paint on the Wii u! but other people wanted to make mario levels. you know what? FUCK MARIO PAINT MAKING LEVELS ARE BETTER!!" rip mario paint

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