Negligee: Love Stories [Karen's Awakening] (Part 1) – Adultery is Bad, Mmmkay

“A series of four stories following the characters Karen, Charlotte, Sophie and Jasmin in their early lives as they have to choose what they really love and what path their lives will take.”

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Track: 2SCOOPS – Donuts [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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30 thoughts on “Negligee: Love Stories [Karen's Awakening] (Part 1) – Adultery is Bad, Mmmkay

  1. he won't show us the good stuff because this version is a little too pause for dramatic effect Steamy

    PS: Karen you need to get screwed almost as bad as me
    and as a 27 year old pervert virgin that's saying something

  2. It's been so FUCKING long I can't remember anything that happened, I don't even know if these are are new characters or old ones!
    I can only recall some yuri, and I ain't liking all this sausage, if you get what I mean…

  3. ……..why …..just …..why…..well that was uncomfortable,also who's idea was it to involve a male in my glorious yuri heaven,tch

  4. Well, we got a, most likely, irredeemable ass of a husband, and an adulterous couple as the (seeming) main characters of the story, a very uncomfortable Bosskwar, and three other stories to go….
    Why can't we just have Hannah back? I'm getting all sorts of bad feels coming from this set up, especially when I'm reminded of Army Gals.

    I'm suspecting some sort of murder-adultery plot from this, but I'm hoping I'm wrong. XD

  5. Okay so for those who were confused like me: Karen is the girl you replace as manager in the first Negligee VN, she only made a brief cameo in the first game as an H-scene if you choose to look at her stuff instead of looking for a help wanted sign first. So going by that and the names of the other "love stories" in the game, we're in prequel territory ladies and gents!

  6. Woah this brings me back but I must ask why would you do this on your channel, this will have more cuts than a Friday the 13th movie.

  7. Now to be fair to Karen I doubt she's allowed a divorce as easily as we think and it's not like that relationship surfaced because of sexual frustration (mostly), what she wanted and needed was someone to pay attention to her. Not saying that doesn't make it wrong but it's far more understandable and sympathetic than simply searching for people to cheat on with or something.

    As for Hannah not liking that guy, I think she was either too focused on the game or more likely it's because she's lesbian and not attracted to him anyways, face it most straight women would love that kind of attention from a guy that good looking.

  8. Wow Negligee. It has been a while, I feel old right now.
    Hannah doesnt look like Hannah. What is this?!
    16:50 The trap has been set.
    And she fell for it hook, line and sinker
    35:46 This dude. I need to punch him. Y'know, crack his pretty face.

  9. 9:08 boi i'm already WAY ahead of you on that ;-;
    31:11 b-but scott. we need research!

  10. Geez that chris is just like those guys you see all the time in anime that try to hit on one of the heroins but get quickly shot down & just oozing with scum, & the worst part is you can't get rid of him.

  11. 0:00 This is a pleasant surprise. Watches video with girlfriend I thought this would be more yuri… not hetero… Damnit.
    1:31 Wait! The one who used to be manager?!
    8:14 Yeah.
    12:13 It's prolly bad if that's the basis of a relationship
    5:17 Awkward mood intensifies
    6:38 What's a normal amount? Awkward mood intensifies again
    16:28 This is… creepy…
    25:02 What's a cam girl?
    41:00 …I mean she's a lesbian…
    48:40 …Well that was uncomfortable to sit through with my girlfriend…

  12. My boyfriend cheated on me and let me tell you. It's not a good time.

    I understand that she is sexualy frustrated but don't cheat. As simple as that. Just don't. Do divorce first if you really can't stop that itch. 😿

  13. I hate both of the guys. I want to hit the Jonathan guy with a frying pan that just came off the stove with bacon and eggs still in it while I want to feed the Chris guy to the crocodiles that didn't eat for five weeks straight.

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