Rust – The GREATEST & CRAZIEST Start Ever!


Welcome back to another video! About a month ago, Snuffy and I joined the Stevious 2x Monday server when it wiped to try to play a solid wipe. Our base placement turned out to reward us with one of the best starts I have ever experienced, I hope you enjoy the video!



Membership link for IOS viewers:


MY SERVERS (Stevious 2x [NA & EU]):

Website (where to buy VIP):

Discord Link:

Server Rules:
1. Using third party apps to gain an advantage will get you banned!
2. Spamming will get you muted then banned if you continue.
3. Don’t abuse exploits, there a consequences in place for players who do.
4. Leaking personal information will result in a ban.
5. Respect the staff, they do not get paid to manage the servers.
6. Attempts to crash the servers will result in a ban.
7. Self promoting / advertising will get you perma muted and possible ban.

Discord Rules:
1. Spamming will get you temp muted.
2. Keep all server related discussions in their server chats.
3. Chat is checked regularly so do not spam mention staff.

Server Info:
-2x server (2.5x wood and sulfur)
-5-man Team UI Limit
-All items stack like Vanilla
-150 pop
-3,250 map size
-Half smelt and craft speed (except for raiding items)
-Level 1 workbench blueprints unlocked
-Component System loot tables (no crappy BPs or other junk)


1st song: Out of Love – SINY
2nd song: Boooom – Aldous Young
3rd song: Roll Over (Instrumental Version) – Tape Machines
4th song: Imprint – Molife
5th song: Dusk Runner – Lonov
6th song: ORANGE – SINY
7th song: Runaway Deer – Arc De Soleil
8th song: Valiant – Johannes Bornlöf
9th song: Don’t Need You (Instrumental Version) – Mindme
10th song: No Drama (Instrumental Version) – Alder
11th song: Lovely Mess (Instrumental Version) – Alder
Outro song: Para Mi – Bassio


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Computer Specs:
64GB Viper DDR4 RAM (2666 mhz)
MSI Z370a RGB Motherboard
Corsair Spec Omega White Mid Tower
Corsair 700W Modular Power Supply

Zowie EC-2A Mouse
Corsair RGB Straife Keyboard (Cherry MX Browns)
HyperX Cloud II Headset (Red)
MSI Optix MAG241C 144hz Curved Monitor
Corsair Full Desk Gaming Mousepad
Audio Technica 2020 USB+ Microphone
Neewer Default Cissor Arm
Logitech C922x Webcam
GT Omega PRO XL Gaming Chair (Red)
Channel Banner courtesy of Vekah

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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48 thoughts on “Rust – The GREATEST & CRAZIEST Start Ever!

  1. 1:39
    Stevie: It was made possible by

    Me: cmon squarespace, CMON SQUARESPACE

    Stevie: Strategic base locations

    Me: dammit

  2. kid:”wait let me see your na- “
    kid:* :O *
    kid: “STEVIE! “
    Stevie: stabs in head
    Stevie:”he has been silenced “

  3. For me the best start ever is finding a Crossy in a toolbox, I suck that I can’t even get closer to a heated player without getting dropped

  4. There is actually a mobile game almost exactly as Rush . It’s called Last island of survival 15 days . It’s incredible , if you want to blow your mind up try it !

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