Sherwood Paintball "Heaven vs Hell" Scenario Paintball Game 2015 w/Commentary

Playing the Heaven vs Hell scenario paintball game at Sherwood Paintball produced by Rage In Paint during the weekend of September 19-20, 2015. I was part of the Boneyard Paintball team and played on the Heaven (blue) side. The Heaven side ended up winning the game.

This video is combined footage of both days including the final battle. We as the Boneyard Paintball team tried our best to help with missions and we helped relay information back to our base about field awareness. We won the “Most Valuable Team” award for our efforts.

Filmed with a GoPro HD Hero 2 using a bike seat/handle bar mount on the barrel.

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Gun setup: 2012 Bob Long G6R with Virtue Spire 260 Loader and a Deadlywinds barrel with Freak inserts.

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1. “Armageddon (Inst.)” by “Blue Stahli”
2. “Infernal (feat. Celldweller) (Inst.)” by “OCTiV”
3. “Not Over ‘Til We Say So” by “Blue Stahli”

All music used with permission from Position Music and Freedom!

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