Tales Of Berseria – Shadow Task Two, Galles Lake Exploration – Episode 18

Welcome guys to Tales Of Berseria! With Becca at the helm for the first time we play our third game in the Tales Series as a darker tale of Daemon’s and revenge sets our scene….

With our first task done for the shadow guild we pick up our second, to find a scholar named Mendi at Gallea Lake, after a bit of serving we head off to explore.

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7 thoughts on “Tales Of Berseria – Shadow Task Two, Galles Lake Exploration – Episode 18

  1. I'd stay in Galles Lake. I don't even care about the hostile life there. That place is so WIDE OPEN!
    I used to defeat code reds every day. Code Red Mountain Dews!

  2. am I the only one who feels that they would be rather concerned if the server who is giving you your food had a gigantic samurai sword on their back and was just running back and forth with it?

  3. I think the reason why Velvet was able to carry 3 dishes than 2 is probably because she is using her daemon arm to carry the other 2.

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