[TUTORIAL] DIY Nintendo Wii Custom Case Painting!

This, is a complete guide/ Tutorial on how to create your own Custom Case for the Nintendo Wii console! The total cost for this was approximately 15-20GBP which isn’t anywhere near what you’d pay for a replacement case!

I’ve had an entire week of taking the Wii apart and spraying it a beautiful colour! The choice we’ve gone for is a black colour with lines of Candy Pink (Since it’s for the girlfriend!)

This is a little tutorial that’ll show you:
How to open it
How to prep it
How to properly protect it
How long to wait between coats
How to put it back together!

When putting the Console back together it’s important to remember that you’ve essentially increased the size of the case, so the parts will not slip together quite as easily as they came apart, but give them a firm push together and they should be fine!

If you follow this guide you’ll get a beautiful Wii, We did make a few mistakes unfortunately which are mentioned in the video, the only major thing wrong is that we had the fascia upside down when we painted it, but the lines still matched up pretty well so no biggie!

DON’T be tempted to touch the paint early, because you’ll leave finger prints in it and it’ll end up looking terrible and i’m sure you don’t want that!

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