Undertale Comic Dub – Dungeons and Dragons

*Yes, I KNOW I pronounce Chara as “Ch-ara” and I KNOW the way I pronounced it here messed up the middle name joke, but it’s my video and I can say the name how I want to ;)*

Original Comic by Caribun:

Music by Toby Fox
Megalovania Piano Cover by ChrystalChameleon:

Really sorry about the delay between this video and the last video, guys! I just finished my A Level exams the other day, so now I have all the time in the world to make new videos!

You could say this video’s my 1000 subscriber special, but considering I’m almost at 2000 subscribers now, there’s little point in having a special now XD Seriously, the recent support has been insane, thank you so much to all of my new subscribers, and my old subscribers for being awesome too ^_^

Nguồn: https://archipaedia.net/

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