World Series Game 3 | Eagles vs. Predators | MLW Wiffle Ball 2019

It’s Game 3 of the 2019 MLW World Series! The Pacific Predators look to win their first ever title while the Eastern Eagles look to stay alive in the series. Here we go!!

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28 thoughts on “World Series Game 3 | Eagles vs. Predators | MLW Wiffle Ball 2019

  1. I'm 60 and played wiffle ball in my backyard. Wish they would have had organized wiffle ball like this back in the day. Competition is competition and I really enjoy watching these videos. Maybe I should organize a senior wiffle ball league.

  2. Love this content. But I'd like to say that I've played baseball with so many petulant children like Warda. Really brings down the overall experience for all involved. Walkoff or not.

  3. I guess I'll defend Warda here, he did touch home plate. If you pause at 11:21, you'll see his right foot is on the left side of the plate. Dead on it.

  4. U guys should make the center field fence deeper. It would make it more exciting when someone hits a home run.

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