Worr Game Products Reversible Feed Sniper 1 c. 1987

Here is a look at a reversible feed Sniper with serial number R9.
I received this as a body only and tracked down all the parts to put this together as an accurate representation of a 1987 Sniper 1.
The body came from Peter Salgado of Southern California, who received it from WGP. Peter sold me a bunch of parts several years back and this was one of the piece I was excited to find.
I believe the R stands for Reversible but it could also be Reject, or Return, or Removable Feed.
Other unique features are the machining lines on the body, the Square ASA, the pump handle has a hole in the center.
Feed is set up as Left handed, so I have left handed grips on it as well.
The drop out changer has raw cuts on it.
The side of the body has Rental 47 engraved. This is the style engraving that was done on Rentals at Sat Cong Village. Many people say that the Sat Cong Village Brass stickers are what was on Rentals but that is incorrect. The actual engraving seen on this marker is what was on Bud’s early Rentals.
The Trigger shoe on this Sniper 1 is from National Gun Sports (NGS not to be confused with NSG).
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